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Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

At Logan Social Services, we care about the well-being of our clients and their families. It is among our core beliefs that good Anger Management skills are essential to a healthy and fulfilled life. To help further our mission statement, we have chosen to share our knowledge, experience, research, and skills with anyone who is interested.

We do ask that you set up an account before accessing our courses. We have made this process quick and simple, and we promise to protect your personal information. Our policy is to maintain confidentiality in line with the best practices of twenty-first century social work. Your account is solely for your benefit, allowing us to provide proof of enrollment, and as a means for our staff to identify and score your exam if you decide you need a verifiable Certificate of Completion to submit to the court, employer, or school.

Step 1: Enroll
Sign up for a free account. Once you register, you will be able to print your Enrollment Verification Letter directly from your account page.

Step 2: Take the Class
Login to your account. Your course will be displayed in sections. Study each section at your own pace. When you finish the last section, take the exam.

Step 3: Get Your Certificate!
After taking the exam, you will be prompted to make a payment. After payment, print your verifiable Letter of Completion directly from the site.
If necessary, you will be allowed to retake the exam at no additional charge. Study aid will be provided.

How do I begin?

Sign up for a free account on the site. Be sure to use a valid e-mail address, and check it after you sign up for an e-mail from us. If it does not arrive in a few minutes, check your spam or junk-mail folder.

From the e-mail, your account number and password will be needed to log onto the site. Log on, and you are ready to begin your studies.

When can I take the course?

You can take your course anytime, day or night, and you choose how long you spend during each session. Classes by the week are limited to 1 class per week, resetting on Sundays, to meet court requirements.

If the classes are free, how do I get proof of enrollment?

When you sign up for your free account, a proof of enrollment letter will be made available to you for immediate use.

Do I need any books or other materials to take a course?

Everything you need is available on our site. No additional materials are required.

Do I get a Certificate of Completion?

With payment and successful completion of the exam, we will provide your verifiable Letter of Completion immediately.

How long does a course take to complete?

The time frame is set by you. It could be completed in a matter of days, or over the course of weeks, for those with very busy schedules. Classes by the week are limited to 1 class per week, resetting on Sundays, to meet court requirements.

Does this course meet employer or court requirements?

In most cases, yes. It is always best to check ahead of time to be certain. We provide you with a Letter of Enrollment for free and in advance of your studies. Submit this certificate to the court or your employer at the start of your work, then you will know that the work you do will be accepted.

Is there any time limit on completion?

There is no time limit. You set the pace.

Describe your program in a nutshell, so I can know what to expect.

You want a worry-free, professional, quality course and Certificate of Completion with no hidden fees or unexpected barriers. Sign up for a free account, then take the course you chose at your own pace. Verification of enrollment will be sent when you sign up for your account. After you complete the course, take our exam. If you need a verifiable Letter of Completion for court, log into your account and make a payment. With payment and a passed exam, we will provide your certificate within a few minutes, printable from the course/work page. If you do not pass the exam, you will be allowed to retake it at no additional charge.

How is the exam given?

The exam is a true-false review of the material you have learned. You click on the exam link and take it online.

Will there be assignments?

Some units contain daily living exercises designed to let you practice the new techniques you have learned.

What forms of payment can I use?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as PayPal. We cannot accept payment over the phone. PayPal is the bank that handles our credit card transactions, but a PayPal account is not required to make a payment.

What is the difference between "by the hour" and "by the week" classes?

With experience, we have found that some courts and probation officers want to be certain that clients are spreading out their classes, and not taking them all at once. We have solved this concern. If you sign up for "by the week" classes, our website will only let you take one class per week. Each week at 12:00AM Pacific time, a new class will become available for you to study and learn. "Weekly" is a pace. If you sign up for a weekly course, then complain that you can''t take it faster, we will be polite, but we will think that you are an idiot.

My document PDFs are coming up all crazy with symbols and such. What is the problem?

If you are having trouble opening and printing your documents from the course/work page, please update your browser''s PDF viewing software. Adobe Acrobat Viewer is free and can be found with a Google search. Some phone and tablet browsers do have trouble with PDFs.

I ordered mailed documents. When will they arrive?

Your order will go out in the next business day''s mail. From then, we say a week and a half for delivery, though it usually takes less time.